Reen Remedy

V-Day All About Her Box

$50 $65

-Revive Women's Body Butter

-Naked Women's Body Butter

-Lip Balm, Dayum Gina Lipstick(Red)

-Black Orchid Massage oil 

-Strawberry Sorbet Tingling Vulva Oil

-Rose Petals 

Scent Descriptions:

Revive women's: Invigorating citruses, fresh-cut greenery, clean-air notes, succulent pineapple, and fresh, green galbanum intertwine with sweet jasmine, aromatic balsams, juicy cherries, the watery nuances of melon, cloves, and aromatic spices. Uplifting fresh-air notes, watery notes, and the resinous nuances of sweet woods blend harmoniously to unite and enhance this fragrant accord.

Naked: A delicious blend of Strawberry,  cherry banana melon,  peach, apple and pear on a base of vanilla. 

Black orchid, black truffle, patchouli

The sensual Strawberry Sorbet smelling Erotica Yoni - Femme Ting-A-Line Vulva Butter is made with Organic food-grade ingredients that you can feel safe using on your most intimate parts.


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